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After Cooler

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After Cooler Refrigerated / Dessicant Air Dryer

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GLOBAL Air-Cooled Aftercooler 

The GLOBAL EQUIPMENT aftercoolers consist of an efficient air to air heat exchanger and direct drive axial fan housed in a sturdy metal frame. In addition there is a condensate separator
(optional) for condensate removal. The heat exchanger comprises aluminium finned and copper tubes which enable effective heat transfer to take place. The casing is manufactured in galvanized steel and is factory painted for added protection. A metal grill provides protection to and from the fan blades.
The main technical characteristics
  • Generously sized aluminium finned copper tube heat exchanger
  • Heavy duty painted galvanized steel casing and legs
  • Flow capacity 1.8m³/min to 36m³/min
  • Protective grilles for fan and heat exchanger
  • Maximum working pressure 16 bar g
  • Maximum working temperature 99°C
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