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What is Green Technology Tax Incentive and MyHIJAU Mark?

24 Oct 2019
What is Green Technology Tax Incentive and MyHIJAU Mark?
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MyHIJAU Mark & Directory is a Government initiative to promote the sourcing and purchasing of green products and services in Malaysia. This programme was approved by the Green Technology & Climate Change Council (MTHPI) on 23 October 2012.

MyHIJAU Mark is Malaysia’s official green recognition endorsed by the Government of Malaysia, bringing together certified green products and services that meet local and international environmental standards under one single mark. Registered green products and services will be listed in the MyHIJAU Directory which as a reference for green procurement (including Government Green Procurement; GGP and Green Private Purchasing; GPP), green incentives (including Green Investment Tax Allowance; GITA and Green Income Tax Exemption; GITE) and related green technology initiatives.

GreenTech Malaysia is entrusted to manage MyHIJAU Mark & Directory and is responsible for the promotion, business advisory, verification and monitoring of certified green products and services.

In the Green Technology Master Plan (GTMP), the number of registered green products and services under the MyHIJAU Mark was targeted by year 2020 (5,000), year 2025 (7,500) and year 2030 (10,000).

The number of MyHIJAU Mark will cater the GGP performance that was targeted in year 2020 (20% GGP in the Government sector) under Eleventh Malaysia Plan (RMK-11) and year 2030 (40% GGP in the Government sector) under GGP Long Term Action Plan (LTAP).

Our SCR screw air compressor (PM series) success get MyHIJAU certify also successful to help end-user to applicant GITA ASSET.

For more Info, go to https://www.myhijau.my/ or https://www.greentechmalaysia.my/

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